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Biological Nutrient Removal Lesson 2Biological Nutrient Removal Lesson 2

Activated sludge and biological nutrient removal operator control points and process control calculations: Note: required course materials (handouts) can be accessed in Biological Nutrient Removal Lesson 1.  Note: if you are using this course for continuing education, you must play the video and pass the quiz.  Failure of the quiz requires replay of the video and passing the quiz for credit.

If using this course for continuing education, print or save the course description.


Estimated Length: 1 hour(s) and 30 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. Biological Nutrient Removal Lesson 2 -


At the successful completion of this lesson, the learner will be able to

  1. List, describe and apply common operator control points in the activated sludge process
  2. Identify, apply and calculate process control parameters to include settleability, sludge volume index, F:M, SRT, OUR and SOUR
Jim Matthews
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