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Catalog: Basic Chemistry for Operators

Courses: 1
This course teaches basic chemistry skills that will enhance operator understanding and subsequent learning.

Catalog: Basic Environmental Math

Courses: 13
This course contains twelve lessons on the basics of environmental math, such as units of expression, order of operations and chemical feed rates. These provide the foundational skills required to perform more advanced mathematical operations found in environmental operations.

Catalog: Clarification

Courses: 3
Three lessons on the operation of clarifiers in water and wastewater treatment

Catalog: Introduction to Small Wastewater Systems Chapter Reviews

Courses: 9
Quizzes from the book, Introduction to Small Wastewater Systems

Catalog: O&M of Chlorne Systems

Courses: 5
Chlorine O&M

Catalog: Physical/Chemical Wastewater Practice Exam

Courses: 1
Physical/chemical wastewater treatment practice exams to simulate certification exams

Catalog: Physical/Chemical Wastewater Processes

Courses: 1
Common treatment processes used in P/C wastewater treatment

Catalog: Pumps and Pumping

Courses: 1
Pumps and Hydraulics

Catalog: Solids Management

Courses: 5
Lessons on wastewater solids thickening, treatment and dewatering

Catalog: Treatment of Metal Watestreams Review

Courses: 4
Lesson review items for the book, Treatment of Metal Wastestreams

Catalog: Water and Wastewater Characteristics

Courses: 4
Physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water and wastewater

Catalog: Water Characteristics

Courses: 1
Characteristics of raw and finished potable water
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