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Regulatory ConsiderationsRegulatory Considerations

An overview of basic provisions of the Clean Water Act as applied to wastewater treatment.  Topics include the NPDES system, pretreatment regulations, RCRA and SARA.

Be sure to download the Glossary under "Course Materials" which will assit you in defining some of the terms in the lesson.  The highlighted terms are most relevant to the topics covered here.

Estimated Length: 30 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. Regulatory Considerations -


At the end of this lesson, the learner will be able to

  1. List the basic provisions of the Clean Water Act
  2. Define the purpose and application of NPDES and Industrial User Permits
  3. Identify the provisions of an NPDES and Industrial User Permit
  4. List Conventional and Non-Conventional Pollutants
  5. Compare and contrast the permitting aspects of wastewater discharges to a POTW and waters of the Unuted States
  6. List the basic objectives of 40 CFR Part 403
  7. Identify the eight discharge prohibitions listed in the pretreatment regulation
  8. Identify the characterics of a Significant Industrial User
  9. List the basic provisions of RCRA and SARA
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