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Flow MeasurementFlow Measurement

A study of open channel and closed pipe flow measurement devices, level detection, installation and maintenance of meters.  Basic flow measurement calculations and units of expression are covered.  If you wish to use this course for continuing education, please access it in the Continuing Education catalog.

Credits: 1
Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Flow Measurement -


Upon course completion, the learner will be able to

  1. List the purpose and application of flow measurement devices
  2. List and describe various open channel flow measurement devices
  3. List and describe various closed pipe flow measurement devices
  4. Identify and describe common level detection techniques
  5. Describe basic maintenance and calibration activities that apply to flow measurement facilities
  6. Perform basic calculations using the continuity equation
  7. Perform basic flow measurement unit conversions
  8. Perform a simple accuracy check for an open channel device to include calculating percent accuracy
Jim Matthews
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